Full service to safely get the medicine you need.

Our Pharmacy Services

Full Service Dispensing

Most of our health centers have a pharmacy in the same building. Eligible patients without insurance can save on the cost of your medications. Discounts up to 50% are based on how much money you make and how many people are in your house.

  • Accepts Medicaid, Medicare Part-D, or private insurance

  • Up to 50% discounts for eligible patients without insurance

  • $4 generic medication program

  • Option to automatically refill medicines

  • One combined monthly pickup

  • Free delivery at some locations

One-on-One Pharmacist Help

A clinical pharmacist will work with your health care team to create the best medicine plan for you. Call the health center to schedule a private one-on-one appointment. They can help manage things like:

  • Medicine cost

  • Number of pills prescribed

  • Side effects

  • Drug interactions

  • Connecting multiple care providers